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Positive Self Talk

How to Make Positive Self Talk Come Naturally Positive “self-talk” is the discussion you have inside your head about you, your life and the world around you. Much of your happiness and your ability to achieve goals in life have to do with the things you say to yourself.If you tend to be a negative […]

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7 Reasons You Hate Your Life

7 Reasons You Hate Your Life The Declaration of Independence tells us that the pursuit of happiness is an “inalienable right”.No one is stopping us from pursuing happiness—unfortunately, most Americans just aren’t very good at it.Despite all of the resources and opportunities at our fingertips, just 1/3 of Americans said they were “very happy” in […]

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10 Habits of Happy People!

Focus on the ability to be happier in life than you ever imagined you could be, and enjoy life to the fullest! Happiness comes from the feelings of joy, wonder and satisfaction from your inner self, so forget external joys and concentrate on what’s inside for everlasting happiness. 1. This Moment Is All You HaveStop […]

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